Hey there! I'm Chelsy Ray, and I'm the artist at  Copperlight  Studio.

A little bit about me

I married my high school sweetheart and we have four children, who make me wonder if I'll ever get everything clean at once. My hobbies include volleyball, an anything craft-related. I am passionate about photography and films, not just as a hobby, but because I think it carries a deeper importance. I believe in pictures (and printing them out!). I feel so honored to be able to capture special parts of people's lives, even the little moments that make up everyday life.

A little about my style

I like my photography the way I like just about everything else: clean, simple, and classic. I'm not a huge trend-jumper, because I want the pictures I take to stand the test of time and still make sense generations later. To me, that's what they are for anyway.

A little about why I became a photographer:

I have always loved photos, especially older ones. I remember as a child, looking at old photographs of my family's past. It was extremely intriguing to me to get a glimpse of what life looked like back then. But it was more than just that: the resemblance between my grandmother and I, my grandpa as a young boy and young adult as he grew into the man I know today, seeing images of the grandfather I never knew, who died long before I was born. Photographs and film truly are a treasure to the people receiving them now, but also for future generations who will see them. By capturing memories in pictures, we are able to carry on a little bit of ourselves and our family onto future generations. I love capturing moments in time to be cherished and remembered. The images and video I'm helping others create today carry far more significance than fulfilling a current need. These are moments in time that are able to be pulled out and relived for years to come.

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