Films have stolen my heart. Don't get me wrong, pictures of your family are still important, and so valuable. But, the emotion that is felt from a short video clip is unmatched. I want to create films for other families. Honestly, I want to make films of MY family more often as well.

Admittedly, films are still new for me. I am definitely not perfect in my technical skill of them yet. Moment of transparency: I have loved them and wanted to start offering them for a few years, but I always talked myself out of it, because I didn't know what I was doing. Finally, halfway through last year, I decided that I had to stop putting on my "someday" list. My babies are growing up, and I was letting my self-doubt rob me of memories I could be recording and remembering forever. So, one day after school, I took all 4 of my kids to the park. My main goal was to record them laughing and playing, and being kids. Frankly, it was a hard 2 hours for me. I was trying to be both mom and photographer,  and that is not an easy task. I left the park that day feeling extremely frustrated. I came home and put my camera away. I didn't even look at those video clips for a long time. When I finally did, I was shocked at how much beauty I missed among the stress. I made a 3 minute clip of that trip to the park, and I was hooked. 

Now, don't get me wrong, that first film is a technical nightmare. I cringe at how much the camera shakes, and the poor color grading, and the scrappy outfits.  But, oh, those moments of my kids laughing as they play in the water fountain, and jump, and run, and just being kids! Those are so precious to me. I will never regret making that horrible film, because it is beautiful.

Now, I'm sure that does not convince you to book a film session with me. I just told you how bad I was! I have made a handful of films for friends and family, improving with each one. I have invested in educational resources to improve as well. I want to keep making these! 

So, for a limited time, I am offering these film sessions at a discounted rate. These are a lot more time, work, and cost for me to produce them, but I am still in the portfolio building stage.

These film sessions will range from $799-$999 usually, but I am currently offering 75% off. After I have reached my goal, the discount will change to 50%, then 25%, and then will be full price. This is a great opportunity for you to purchase a family film way below market value. But I am only accepting 2 film sessions a month, to ensure quality for both my film and portrait clients. Contact me for questions or booking. Thanks!

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